January 11, 2019

Sheriffs and/or designees:


Week 5 ended with their second and final comprehensive exam (111 questions).  The class average for Comp exam #2 was 93% and I’m pleased to say everyone passed the exam!  Each of your cadet(s) have a passing total academic average for the Academy Class.


The cadets received the following training this week: firearms, interacting with persons with disabilities, mental illness, personal defense, scenarios, mental health and suicide prevention, autism, courtroom testimony, and emergency procedures.


We will hold another remedial session with a few cadets on Monday to work on passing them on the third record fire shoot.  We have reached out to those agencies with cadets struggling with firearms and will continue to communicate with you.


Don’t forget, next week is graduation!  I sent the invite in last week’s summary, but to ensure you saw it I’ve resent it.



January 4, 2019


Sheriffs and/or designees:


Week 4 is almost complete.  The Cadets are currently in the mat room for their Personal Defense training.  This week consisted of First Aid and our IFO program (Integrated Force Options).  Yesterday, everyone took the First Aid/CPR written test and successfully passed.


Time is moving quickly, it seems like they just started but we are only 1 ½ weeks from graduation.  Graduation is on Wednesday, 01/16/19, at 1:00 p.m., in the Shilling Auditorium at Richland Community College, One College Park, Decatur Illinois 62521.  Attached is an official invite to you and your agency.



December 31, 2018


Sheriffs and/or designees:


Due to their first comprehensive exam this morning, I waited until today to send their week 3 summary.  The class average for comprehensive exam 1 this morning was 83%.  We had one failure, but this Cadet still has a passing average.


Week 3 consisted of the following courses: Classification and Assignment, Programs and Services, Food Service Management, Detention Safety and Security, Searches and Medical Services.  They also took a field trip to the Macon County Jail for hands-on cell searches.  The week ended with their first 12 hours in Firearms training.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



December 21, 2018


Sheriffs and/or designees:


Well, we just dismissed them for the weekend and Christmas holiday.  As expected, this week was much better than last week.  They had two more Law courses, County Jail Standards, Processing, Transport, and Fingerprinting/Photographing.  They also received their first class in Integrated Force Options (control and arrest tactics) and First Aid.


The Cadets took two quizzes this week (Monday morning and Thursday morning).  The class average for Quiz #1 was only 82%; the high was 95 % and the low was 63% (we had two failures).  This seems to be consistent with past classes in their first week.  We reviewed the quiz with them afterwards, instructed them on studying tips, and then held a mandatory review session for Quiz 2.  It must have worked because Quiz #2 was a complete turnaround.  The class average for Quiz #2 increased to 91 %; the high was 100% (two cadets got a perfect score) and the low was 78%.  By the way, our quizzes and comprehensive exams are challenging to ensure they are successful on their certification exam.  A average score above 80% usually reflects success on the state exam.


I’m proud to say all Cadets have a passing average now after both quizzes.  The lowest individual average is 75%, not bad after considering a failure on Quiz #1.  They are beginning to become more comfortable and helping each other out.  They will have the next four days off and hopefully come back refreshed and ready to go for a short, but full, week 3.  Week 3’s highlight will be 1 ½ days of firearms.  If we experience any issues, we will let you know individually.


I’d like to remind you about our electives.  If you want your Cadet(s) to be certified in OC or Taser, please send the required information to us as soon as possible, but no later than COB 12/28/18.  I have attached the Electives form that can also be used as an invoice.


Thank you and Merry Christmas!  We hope you and your families have a safe and wonderful holiday season.



December 14, 2018


Sheriffs and/or designees:


Week 1 is finally in the books.  This was an interesting week but I’m happy to say we started with 28 cadets and we ended the week with 28 cadets.  They received a ton of information this week; Intro to County Corrections, Cultural Diversity, four law classes (criminal offenses and use of force), Wellness, Interviewing, Report Writing and De-escalation Techniques.


Their first quiz is Monday morning, but they have already been studying and will continue Sunday evening when they return.  This evening ended with one jump start and one wallet left behind.  It’s all good now and they are on their way home.  Please know we will take care of them and keep you updated with any significant issues.  As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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