Sheriffs, Jail Administrators and/or designees:


Corrections Class 19-05 begins in 9 days (October 6th)!  If you haven’t done so, please complete and return your applicant packets as soon as possible.  DUE TO LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS, WE HAVE A FEW OPENINGS LEFT FOR THIS CLASS (contact Jennifer with any questions, delays, or additions; her email is above or you can call 217-330-9091, ext. 1).


In order to better prepare your Cadets for this Academy Class, I have attached the “Reporting Instructions” and “Grooming Standards” chapters from our Cadet Manual.  Please forward the attachment to your personnel and ask them to take the time to read the chapters and to make sure they are ready for check-in (Sunday, October 6th, 2019 between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.).  I will also send your Cadets an email with check-in instructions, but only if they provided an email address on the registration form. 


Please don’t forget about our electives (see below).  If you would like to sign your Recruit(s) up and haven’t sent in the information or contacted Teri, please do so as soon as possible. Teri’s email is above or you can call 217-330-9091, ext. 2.


  • Conducted Electrical Weapon certification course (6 hours):  students will be instructed and certified in their model of CEW (Taser); if applicable, students are requested to provide their own CEW; if students are not assigned a CEW, they will be certified in the latest Taser model; 2 hours of the training will be administered to all recruits during our mandatory Integrated Force Options modules (control and arrest tactics) with the remaining 4 hours during a separate module.; minimum enrollment is 10 students, no maximum; tuition is $180 per student;

  • Oleoresin Capsicum Spray course (6 hours):  students will be taught the use of force related to OC deployment, as well as effects and decontamination; 2 hours of the training will be administered to all recruits during our mandatory Integrated Force Options modules (control and arrest tactics) with the remaining 4 hours in a separate course; the 2 hours are given at an awareness level and the additional 4 hours will certify the students to carry OC spray in the performance of their duties (students will be directly sprayed and required to perform tasks; there is no minimum or maximum enrollment; tuition is $30 per student


As most of you know, we run our Cadet Corrections classes similar to the Police Recruit classes.  However it is much shorter, so we accelerate our discipline and privilege process.  We do not require a P.O.W.E.R. test, however we put them through exercise every day.  We make sure it fits their own personal fitness and do not set them up for failure (i.e. they may just be walking around our track).  Although not mandated in the curriculum, we have implemented scenario-based training and a de-escalation course into our Corrections Academy.  ALSO, THE BOLEK TRAINING FACILITY IS NOW OPEN!  This will be the first Cadet Class to utilize our three story jail and tactical village!


We are looking for two class advisors for this upcoming class.  It is a great opportunity for an officer to receive leadership experience, interact and mentor cadets, as well as report directly back to your agency with updates.  If you are able to provide an advisor for Corrections Class 19-05, we will take care of his/her lodging and all meals while assigned here.  I would also gladly comp one of your cadets for each of our elective courses (OC spray and taser) and their Academy wearables ($396 value).  If staffing is an issue, but you have an officer on light duty, we would be happy to utilize them too.  Keep in mind, the position does not require them to be correctional officers.  A deputy looking at a possible future promotion, etc., will gain valuable experience as well.


Please let me know of you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for choosing us for your correctional officer training.  I’m confident you will appreciate the product we provide.


Thank you,


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